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"We're pregnant." Have you heard that before? Human conception is, by its very nature, a two-person accomplishment (even in cases where the two people involved have never met). However, in our society, pregnancy has always been and continues to be a decidedly female-dominated subject.

Pre-conception through labor and delivery, women talk to other women. They discuss getting pregnant ("How long did it take you?" "How long were you off the pill before you started trying?"), being pregnant ("How much weight are you gaining?" "Are you taking vitamins?" "Is sleeping uncomfortable for you yet?") and giving birth ("What type of birth are you having?" "How do you feel about epidurals?" "Are you afraid of natural childbirth?"). Men have typically shared hearty handshakes and congratulatory pats on the back and then proceeded to talk sports, business or lawn care. In a practical sense, expectant fathers might discuss assembling baby furniture, painting nurseries or how to invest for a future college education. They appear to be a lot less likely to discuss the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of fatherhood.

It's commonly repeated that children don't come with instruction manuals, no matter how much parents (especially first-time parents!) wish they did. This is especially true for fathers who may feel that parenting is a more innate skill for women. Fortunately for the motivated, involved and even terrified dad or daddy-to-be, there is a wealth of literature available that can help to instruct, inform, soothe frayed nerves and even commiserate and empathize. In any bookstore, online or off, there are volumes just brimming with parenting tips for dads. Some of them serious, some written with a great sense of humor, dad books can be a great parenting support system.

Pregnancy books, written specifically for the father-to-be, will often cover different topics than those written for the expectant mother. While they may certainly explain the same stages of fetal development, they might also go into greater detail about the various examinations and tests that can be quite common to the partner but less known by the father. These types of books will also offer great counsel on being a productive and helpful coach during labor and delivery. Father books are also a good support line for understanding how the couple's relationship can change during the pregnancy and offer guidance for how to be supportive while keeping the relationship strong.

One of the noticeable differences between parenting books for the mother and the father are that books for dads can lean more to the practical rather than the sentimental. Many are written with bite-sized information points and anecdotes. Being unable to experience the physical feelings and responses of carrying a child, fathers can obtain factual details from these books that may help to allay many of their fears about what their partner is experiencing and how her body is and will be changing. Dad can also get some very expert instruction on everything from changing a diaper to feeding to how to handle the first time Mom leaves him alone with the baby.

Men, even today, are still hesitant to admit their fears and insecurities. Nothing will bring those to the forefront like creating a new life in an already stressful and demanding world - a fully dependent, helpless, often screaming new life. A dad who amasses good reference materials in advance, in the form of some really wonderful, well-written fatherhood books, will be more than ready to be an active, involved, confident parent.

All that excitement makes a peak as 9 months are almost over by now, your wife is about to give birth to a tiny little human being, the wonderful fruit of your love. Anxious, nervous, happy, slightly unconscious... you have all those feelings in you, at the very same time.

Right after you manage to control your own self you will look for parental advice, because you are totally out of ideas, and unaware of what will come your way. Right at this point you have a wonderful equipment you can hold on to; fatherhood books!

Apart from the parental strategy books which you can read together with your beloved wife and constantly add to your parenting knowledge, you can master your abilities with the books, specialised in tips and strategies for newly dads.

In early 90s, finding alternative guidance for parenting was quite hard, but through the following years, people became hungry for others' opinions, especially the specialists' and pedagogs' ideas.And with the demand, solution came along.

It doesn't matter how much you know about parenting; you might know what kind of lullaby to sing depending on different situations and you might not know even to change a diaper.You can find all kinds of dad books which will directly work it out for you and let you experience your wonderful and priceless moments with your baby, without a single glitch.

It's amazing how much helpful information these books hold for fathers of babies and toddlers. If you are totally lost as soon as you leave the hospital, you can grab a "first year tips for dads" book. It lays out the changes your baby will experience their first year, and how you can best meet their young needs. You want to interact and communicate with your baby in an efficient way? Then grab another book which makes an effective case that sign language can help your child communicate with others sooner and at a much deeper level than usual for their age.You are a workaholic businessman, dedicated to his work but guilty conscious for not spending enough time with your kid, then on your coffee break try to read some tips to maximize the outcome of your relation when your kid is apparently asking for your attention. You are through with all these and looking for tips for your growing little devil, then give another book a try; which can provide several methods for fathers of children who are elementary age through teenage to guide their children to behave appropriately. Making the best out of your child is in your hands; either you can stick to the rules or you can improvise a bit, in the end you will be proud of both your parenting and your child.

Though even without the books there should be some basic things that will clearly make you a better parent. First you want to think about the amount of time you are spending with your child. Whether you are selling manager insurance or using your marketing MBA to the best of your abilities remember that work is not everything. Your child needs you to support them but more than just financially, and they will only be young once. So find some balance in your life and enjoy your family why you can.

In this same light, don't think you can make up for time lost by buying them off. Buying your child that new fire engine toddler bed he wants may make him happy now. However, when they look back on their childhood they are going to wonder where you were and you will not have the connection with your child you could have if you just spent some time with them. We all have to do what we can to keep our jobs to support our family. Still there are always options. You could look for a job with flexible hours, a job that let's you work some from home, or even just flip open the fancy flip cell phones you bought and keep in touch the best you can when you must be away. Life is not necessarily going to throw you an idea situation every time, but making the effort will count for a lot.

Also take care of yourself the best you can. If you need to use a gastric sleeve, are showing anxiety physical symptoms, or have some other illness as a result of not taking care of yourself you are not the best parent you can be. You won't be able to keep up with your child or do the things with them that you might be able to otherwise. Things like stress and obesity could even end up killing you much sooner that you would otherwise depart. Obviously thing happen and you can't control every situation. However, do the best you can to take care of yourself because a better you is a better parent for your child. It is not just about quantity of time, but also quality.

Parenting is tough work, fatherhood is beyond that. With the strategy guidance of these "father books" you will always know what to and what not to do under certain circumstances; keeping your relation and parenting abilities at maximum.Therefore, instead of learning from your mistakes you will learn not to make those mistakes at all, fair enough. So long story short, these fatherhood books will enrich your parental abilities one way or another.